How do I replace parts on my GoTreads?

Repairing your Go Treads

Disassemble/assemble Go Treads sections

You will need a hammer and a 1/8” pin punch or something similar like a nail to remove the Hinge Pin.

Take note to where you should push the hinge pin out –

Examine the Go Treads and look for the end where you can’t see the Hinge Pin (circled).
This will be the place that you should insert the pinch to hammer out the Hinge Pin.
The unique feature of the hinge pin –

The Hinge Pin is swedged (flattened) on one end. This securely holds the pin in place.

Removing the hinge pins -

The best way to remove the Hinge Pin is to use a 1/8” (3 mm) punch. This is the tool we use and recommend.
If you do not have a punch, you can use a nail or an extra hinge pin.

Using the punch tap it with a hammer until the swedge of the pin is exposed.

Once the swedge is exposed, you can remove the pin by twisting it back and forth as you pull it out.

Insert the hinge pin –

Insert the Hinge Pin through the tool use a hammer to drive the swedge completely into the GoTreads.

Your part replacement is now completed in a matter of minutes
Don’t worry, all the parts of your Go treads are “keyed”, so you can’t  assemble it incorrectly.

The long sections cannot be joined together improperly because the patented Hinge can only join them when the arches of the treads are going the same direction.
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