How to use GoTreads for traction

  1. If you can rock the vehicle back and forth and get a gap in front of the tire in the direction of travel, this will aid in GoTreads placement.
  2. Unfold the GoTreads and place the starter panel of the GoTreads, smooth side down, near the stuck tire.
  3. Center the short section as close to the stuck tire as possible.
    1. If you were able to create a gap in step 1, wedge GoTreads as far under the tire as possible.
    2. Clear any additional debris out of the path of travel.
    3. Sometimes digging out a small area in front of the tire in which to wedge GoTreads will help them grip better.
    4. It’s the weight of the vehicle on GoTreads that helps them dig into the ground. The further GoTreads are under your tire, the better they will work.
  4. Keep in mind that you want to drive up the GoTreads, so you will need to align the treads in the path of the stuck tire.
  5. Return to the driver position, make sure all bystanders are clear, and release the brake.
  6. Put the vehicle in the lowest gear. As you begin moving forward, SLOWLY accelerate. 
    1. You want the vehicle to CRAWL out of the stuck situation so be very light on the accelerator and let GoTreads do the work.
    2. Speed is your enemy and can cause the GoTreads to melt if you spin your tires on them. 
    3. If the GoTreads are not feeding under the tire, repeat the above steps and reposition them so more of the vehicle weight is on the starter panel.
  7. Once the vehicle is out and moving, drive to a safe stopping place before retrieving your GoTreads.
    1. GoTreads can be tapped on their side to release any loose dirt, sand, or snow.
    2. If used in mud, we recommend storing GoTreads in a waterproof bag until you are able to clean them off for the next use.
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