How do I use GoTreads for leveling?

When using for leveling, GoTreads can be folded onto themselves to attain the desired height. Unfold the starter panel, and drive up onto the GoTreads.
Use caution when leveling with GoTreads to prevent wheel spin while positioning the vehicle. Wheel spin can cause damage to the hinges and panels when GoTreads are stacked.
When using GoTreads for leveling, make sure all panels are laying flat on one another when folded. Any overhanging hinged component should be on the ground side not the tire side. Do not drive on panels that are suspended by the hinge. If a panel is hanging by a hinge, flip the entire GoTread over so the hinge is on the ground side.

For best results, purchase our leveling accessory kit, the Stack Pack, to prevent your GoTreads from shifting or breaking while leveling.

Leveling 1"

Leveling 1 Inch

Leveling 2"

Leveling 3"

Leveling 4"

Here is a video of leveling with GoTreads:

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